Coin Super Stories:
Abolish the penny? Listen to Ted Robbins of NPR reporting on the debate about the future of the penny.

Common Cents So you (think) know about coins, eh?  Start with the penny.

Rare Nickel Reappears

Michelle Norris of NPR follows the story of the missing fifth of only five 1913 Liberty Nickels produced.

The Great Gold Scam
(or how 5 became $5)

Read how Bostonite Josh Tatum used the long lost art of alchemy  in a clever and profitable scam.  Illegal?  Some would say yes, but he was never convited.

The Hawaii Five-O Coin

A 1913 "V" Nickel, also known as the Hawaii Five-O coin or the Olsen Specimen, sells for $3 million.  Listen as National Public Radio's Scott Simon talks with Bruce Smith of Blanchard and Company who facilitated the sale of this rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel with an unusual history.

The Most Notorious
U.S. Coin

... and four more "rock star" pieces from the world's most famous collection of American coins