We'll sell your coins or collection for you:
That's right, CoinSuperstore.com will sell any coin or collection via eBay's auction site! 

Our standard procedure is as follows:

  • First, send an email to Alex@CoinSuperstore.com, listing what you want sold, and the minimum price you want for each item.  Do your homework...we'll assist if we can!

  • After notifying us, send the coins you want auctioned to the address listed on our 'Contact Info' page.  Remember to fully insure you shipment as we cannot be responsible for loss or damage before the coins are in our possession.

  • Now, CoinSuperstore.com goes to the work...We'll photograph your coins and post them on an eBay auction with terms that we have previously discussed and agreed upon.  After a successful auction, we'll collect the high bid and ship the coins to the winning bidder.

  • Then, we will send you the amount of money the auction ended for, less our minimal commission of 15% which includes all fees that are charged to us through the auction service.

Should you require additional information on the subject, contact Alex@CoinSuperstore.com.


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